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Buying a vehicle can be a great experience, or an irritating and time consuming process, not to mention one of the most expensive purchases someone will make besides their home.  After personally having to deal with less than reputable automobile dealers, I wanted to offer a service that would take the risk and frustration out of this experience.  Understanding that the car business is sometimes known for its questionable representations, I apply the same philosophy to my business that I use in my personal life: if anything is worth doing it's worth doing 110%.  Therefore I offer only the finest examples of each product that I sell or represent, and I offer my clients the most thorough and efficient personal attention.  My goal is to reward every single client with an exceptional automotive purchase and ownership experience.

Below is an explanation of our nationwide locating services, how you as the customer are involved in the process, and the fees for retaining my services.  Please keep in mind that I always prefer to speak with potential clients before beginning a locating search, so please call me at any time to discuss the procurement of your next automobile.

Initial Steps:

To begin I will need to understand exactly what you are looking for in an automobile as well as your expectations regarding the purchase process.  Having a clear understanding for what you expect for your money, how you plan to use the car, your preferred interior & exterior colors, options, mileage, transmission type, etc. are all extremely important to the process.  We will also discuss your expectations -vs- the current activity of the market, as well as the maximum price you are willing to pay for the perfect example of your intended purchase.  Since I will be your eyes and ears, the process is much more effective if there is a full understanding of your thoughts, ideas and expectations about your next automobile.

I have had potential clients inquire as to the value of my services over what they can do for themselves.  In response, I have always told them that although I sometimes do utilize services that are accessible to them (the Internet being one), the sources available to me are much more in-depth and specialized.  The websites that I utilize are in the 20+ range, and I search them regularly.  Along with access to the inventory of over 200 nationwide highline auto dealers and auctions with which I have long standing professional relationships.  In addition I have access to vehicles that are in private collections, in dealership service departments for service, vehicles in the process of being traded, or vehicles that are just known to be available for purchase and are not advertised.  I also subscribe to a wide range of automobile magazines and marque-specific publications that allow me to keep abreast of the special interest automobile market.

Also, although some automobiles I have located in the past have come from the Internet, most of my purchases come from either private individuals or from wholesale and retail dealers that I have a working business relationship with.  My available selection extends throughout the country, and therefore, nearly all automobiles that I represent will have been driven and inspected by myself, or by people that I know and trust.

Finally, there is nothing more important than the experience needed to purchase a vehicle on a national level.  For me, this process is an everyday occurrence, and I am able use this experience to benefit you.  It is a very different way of buying a vehicle, but I believe that it is the only way to find the truly perfect vehicle.  And I have hundreds of customers who have purchased their dream cars in exactly this manner.

Locating Process & Final Steps:
After our initial conversation I will begin searching for autos based on the specifications you have given me.  It will usually take me from three to seven days to find vehicles that match your criteria.  Before I am in touch with you again I will call the owners of each of these automobiles and obtain all of the important information on each of them.  The VIN number, proof of recent service or repairs, ownership history, and option codes are all important pieces of information that I look to obtain.  Next comes your decision on which of the cars that I have located interests you the most.  Once the group is narrowed down, more information and pictures are requested, a title history search is performed, and the top candidates will be taken for a complete pre-purchase inspection at a professional facility familiar with the specific make & model being considered.

Although I always try to locate automobiles that are within driving distance of my company, the exclusivity of certain brands and models limits the available choices, thus making travel to personally view the vehicle impossible.  In these cases I will utilize various different resources to research the history and current condition of the vehicle.  Running CarFax or AutoCheck title history inquiries is one such tool, as well as insisting on a full pre-purchase inspection performed on the automobile by an honest and reputable third-party mechanic. If time or finances limits you from personally flying in to take possession of your newest purchase, then nationwide door-to-door enclosed delivery can easily be arranged.  From the first to last step, the utilization of my services reduces the entire purchasing process to a very few simple steps and choices.

Retainer for Services & Fees:
Like any of our endeavors, we start with the Jerry Maguire (show me the money).  On the specialty cars that we deal in, we'll not accept the locating assignment on a casual basis; instead requiring a contract be established first.  More than once I have spent quite a bit of time, effort, and money trying to locate a car for a less than serious buyer, leaving me with nothing but an elevated telephone bill and a lot of wasted time!  Not to mention the time spent by dealers and private individuals in the telephone calls, faxes, and e-mails that is required in order for us to obtain the kind of photographs and information that serious buyers expect and have come to expect.  Before the first steps of the locating process are begun I require that a two-hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) locating retainer.  In 20+ years all of our clients have always been very understanding of this part of our corporate policy.
Compensation for our services will be obtained from the final selling price of the vehicle, and will amount to no less than 6% of the Gross selling price with a $1,550.00 minimum.  Any compensation accepted below 6% will be subject to the approval of Buxton Motorsports staff.  The final selling price of the vehicle will include the car, additional full compensation for my services, a complete interior and exterior detail and a full tank of gas.  As a registered IN dealer we will also provide you with a 45 day temporary tag and all of the required tax and licensing paperwork.  BMI charges a $185.00 document fee for all retail transactions. Pricing does not include any state tax, tag, title, licensing or registration fees...
*Please note: Unless the cost is negotiated into the final selling price of the vehicle, the cost of transportation of the auto to you or to BMI as well as the cost of all pre-purchase inspections, etc. are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Advantages of Buxton Motorsports, Inc:
There are many benefits to dealing with a small, individually owned company such as BMI.  Two of which are experience and expertise.  With over 22 years of personal professional experience as a registered Indiana auto dealer, the inter-state purchase and sale of vehicles is almost a daily occurrence for me.  This makes the purchasing process extremely straightforward, effortless, and much less risky for the buyer.  I am also very well known for the quality and caliber of vehicles that I locate and sell. The examples that I recommend for your consideration are always vehicles that I would purchase for my own inventory. There are far too many autos available for purchase to even consider tainting my hard earned reputation with a less than exceptional vehicle.  In fact, several of our sales have been PCA concours, People's Choice, and Porsche Parade National trophy winners!
Third, I take pride in what I do, and I know and love the cars that I sell.  For years my passion has been automobiles of all types, and what better way to run a business than to be passionate about what you do? In doing business with me you will always be in contact with the owner, and I or my staff will always be working to find you the best automobile for your money.  Plus, unlike your local dealership, many of my vehicles are pre-sold.  Consequently, inventory levels are smaller, and overhead is exceptionally low - leading to more of your money being applied to your purchase.
The final buyer advantage is that I am honest, and I offer a great deal of very personal service to the purchaser.  I am an auto enthusiast, and not a "used car salesman," and am the Founder and President of the So. IN Region PCA.  I involve myself personally in what I do, and I have personally owned almost everything that I sell.  Finding you the car that you want and your satisfaction with your purchase are my first concerns.  I want your vehicle to surpass your expectations, and I strive to make that evident in every deal that I put together.
Again, thank you for your interest in my company and our services. I hope to hear from you soon!

Brian E. Buxton, President

*References provided upon request, or view our testimonials page for referrals from some of our satisfied clients.

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